tbmnewsfeed.com servers work with a myriad of newsreaders in the market today. If you don't have a news reader yet, you can download : privacytunnel.com

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Click HERE for almost Every available Newsreader in Alphabetical Order

Outlook Express - For Complete step-by-step Instructions on setting up Outlook Express to access our services, please go  HERE


- simple java binary downloader, with source:  - free
BNR2 - free
WinVN, with source code:  - free

Free Agent - This is one of the most popular news readers available for free. It is fairly simple to configure and does not hide files on your PC that can be used to determine where you have been reading news (or what you have been reading). - Click HERE to download  >>> set up instructions for Free Agent ( freeware version)
set up instructions for Agent (registered version )

News Rover - you can automatically download all of the articles in a specified group or groups at a pre-set time (such as overnight). News Rover will download all articles and attachments and decode files automatically if setup to. It also handles multi-part attachments and sorts and decodes them so you can view them offline. News Rover is AOL compatible.- Click HERE to download >>> set up instructions for News Rover

ASP1-A3 for pictures:  - trial
AutoPix for pictures only:  - free download
Binary News Assistant - pre-release
Binary Vortex for pictures only:  - free download
Express NewsPictures for binaries:  - free download
NewsReactor build 6822:  - shareware
Newsbin 4 beta:  - free trial
NovusNews 0.99 beta:  - pre-release
Pluckit, binary searcher:  - demo
QuadSucker/News, multithreaded downloader optimized for images:  - free download
Tifny - trial
Japanese HyperNewsReader - free download
Japanese News Extractor - free download

Diiva 1.0.3 for OSX: 
Halime, free news reader for OSX - preview: 
Hogwasher 3.0 (OSX): 
MT-NewsWatcher 3.2 (OSX): 
Newsflash, free newsreader for OSX: 
NewsHunter (OSX):  
PixNewsLite, for pictures:  
yEnc TZ - freeware decoder: 

Image Downloaders Here


Privacy Tunnel

Did You Know that a website visitor's ip address and/or hostname can be recorded and become public from online website statistics.
Did you know your identity is at risk whenever you connect to the internet. Every website you visit can track your IP address and determine who you are with this information. Your ISP and corporate network administrator can monitor your web activities and see everything you are viewing or downloading on line and many sites or activities such as gaming can be blocked. PrivacyTunnel.com can help you protect yourself from this invasion of privacy.

PrivacyTunnel.com masks your IP address, replacing it with one of our own, and mixes your traffic with thousands of active connections, making it impossible to determine who you are. We also port forward all your data through a single standard port and encrypt the data so administrators and ISPs cannot determine where you are going or what you are doing while online. Your data and personal information cannot be logged or tracked because it is encased in our privacy tunnel.




Apicviewer - is a freeware program. It automatically downloads pictures, videos and sound files from UseNet newsgroups. - Click HERE to download

If we are missing your favorite newsreader, send us the required information ( name, download link,etc.) and we will add it to the list. webmaster@tbmnewsfeeds.com

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